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FYTOSAN has been active on the cosmetic and agri-food markets for twenty years. As a consequence, FYTOSAN can offer you a very wide range of extracts meeting your needs and requirements. You can always turn to us for any reference that is not in the catalogue.

Aqueous extracts

Aqueous extracts being mainly destined for the food supplements industry, FYTOSAN produces aqueous extracts through an original process that guarantees their microbiological stability. We can also provide you with complex mixes of ingredients on the basis of aqueous extracts.

Syrups and Sprays

We formulate and produce syrups and sprays (nasal and oral sprays) according to clients' requirements.

Fluid extracts

FYTOSAN produces fluid extracts according to the clients' monographs.


Mother Tinctures

The manufacturing processes for mother tinctures comply with the guidelines of the German and French homeopathic pharmacopoeias. Whenever possible fresh plants are being used.

Production mode: Herbal Extracts  

Hydro-alcoholic Glycerine Extracts

The extracts stem from the maceration of plants in a mixture of water, alcohol and glycerine in accordance with an internal production method. They are standardised in alcohol between 19 and 23 °V/V and are microbiologically controlled. Available in cosmetic or food quality.

Production mode: Herbal Extracts  

Oily macerates

These macerates are produced according to an original protocol, using mainly deodorized vegetable sunflower seed oil. Preservation is guaranteed through the addition of vitamin E, which is widely acknowledged for its antioxidant virtues. Our macerates meet the cosmetic requirements.

Production mode: Herbal Extracts  

Glycerine Macerates

These genuine active concentrates stem from fresh vegetable tissues (buds, shoots) that have preserved all their embryonic qualities. These macerates stem from locally harvested raw material.

Production mode: Herbal Extracts  

Essential Oils

Being strengthened by numerous local partnerships that further the distillation within our installations and by a long experience of sourcing, we offer a very wide range of biological essential oils. All of our oils are strictly controlled, which guarantees their quality. They are delivered with full analytic certificates as well as with the required legal documentation.

Production mode: Steam Destillation Extracts  

Floral Waters

Most of the floral waters stem from species that are locally distilled within our installations. The control of the production process enables us to guarantee their organoleptic and microbiological quality. They are mainly offered in the organic cosmetics and organic ranges.

Production mode: Steam Destillation Extracts  

Vegetable oils


Production mode: Steam Destillation Extracts  
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