Quality undertaking

The FYTOSAN Quality policy, aims at guaranteeing the full satisfaction of customers and the development of customer loyalty while respecting our beliefs furthering organic agriculture and sustainable development.

This procedure is in line with a continuous improvement process :

    • improvement of our products through :
      - the respect of regulations' or clients' requirements
      - the verification and control of the processes, the implementation of improvement projects
      - the development and optimisation of technical performances
      - the continuous evolution of the personnel's competencies
    • improvement of our services through :
      - the constant listening to our clients' needs
      - the respect of the contractual commitments (accordance of the batches, delivery delays, .)
      - the supply of full related documentation (analyses, MSDS, allergenic certificates, GMO, IFRA, ...)
      - the development of specific products meeting the clients' expectations

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